At Saving Grace Preschool our programs are instilled with lessons to help children develop life skills and achieve necessary milestones. You can be reassured that they will be surrounded by a loving community where they are valued, their physical needs are met and they feel secure. 

provided enrichment

Introduction to Spanish

We give children opportunities to understand the world and help them learn to interact with others.

Kindergarten Preparation

Each program is designed for each specific age group so we can meet children where they are at and best give them what they need to develop as they grow.

Provided Snacks

Snacks include fruits and veggies giving children the energy they need to get through the day.

Weekly Chapel Time

Our programs are incorporated with the faith-based values that teach children patience, kindness, and the love of Christ.

Daily Indoor & Outdoor Play

Indoor & outdoor play  helps improve children’s social, emotional and cognitive development.  

Prepared Lunches


programs by age group

We offer programs year round: Monday - Friday 6:30am - 6:30pm.
Please note that these hours are subject to change based on community need and staffing.


Beginning at six weeks, your precious baby is welcome to be a part of our program! Our nursery is fun and full of adventure! When you enter our nursery, you will find a clean, warm, and nurturing environment for your baby to experience. Here at Saving Grace Preschool, we understand that a baby’s first few years of life is a time of new discoveries and experiences! Our sensory activities are integrated to support a baby’s development milestones. Interactions that involve motor, sensory, and social are essential to a baby’s cognitive development. Every baby has their very own crib and fitted sheet for nap time. Parents will need to supply diapers, creams, socks, a blanket, 3 labeled and empty bottles, labeled breastmilk/formula, labeled food/snacks, a completed daily form filled out by you (we provide), and any soothing items such as a pacifier or sleep sack. We provide complimentary wipes to all children while they are here.

Important skills and milestones we help teach our babies:
  • Self-acknowledgment
  • Sensory awareness
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Visual tracking and stimulation
  • Independent and self-help skills


Here we welcome an exciting age - the terrific twos! Our toddlers are on track to advanced learning through every new learning experience. This is a crucial time to begin learning responsibilities, healthy relationships with others, and self-confidence. We believe in hands-on interaction and play while also allowing them to find a sense of freedom. We embrace this curious stage and help let their little minds blossom new ideas at their own pace! Parents will need to supply pull ups/diapers, a backpack with multiple changes of outfits, a sippy cup, a blanket, an extra pair of shoes, and any extras you’d wish to bring.


Our faith-based curriculum enriches our preschoolers with a foundation based on gratitude, empathy, kindness, and other values. Here, we will sing songs of praise and promote best practices. We will guide your little one through pre-literacy and math concepts that will benefit their path to grade school. Children are encouraged to make independent decisions and develop their critical thinking skills based on the activities we hold here in the classroom.


Age four is a year with new learning experiences - from ABCs to 123s, early childhood education starts here! Our weekly lessons will prepare your child for real-life situations such as expressing themselves with words, discussing their feelings, and learning about each other. Children will learn to work in groups and develop those strong social skills needed for grade school. They will be introduced to topics such as math, literacy, art, and more, to name just a few, through different forms of activities and lessons.

4-5's Pre-k

We welcome all four to five-year-olds who are preparing to enter the world of Kindergarten! Kindergarten readiness is a major goal of ours when our children enter this program. During this stage, we make sure to offer ways to achieve critical thinking and problem-solving. Shapes, colors, numbers, and the alphabet are all utilized through games and activities. We want to help boost every child’s self-esteem and encourage them while achieving their goals.


Ages 18 months - 5th Grade
Our programs continue in the summer with a slight twist in our schedule of activities. Just like during the year, our summer camp programs are instilled with faith-based values and lessons where children can learn life skills and necessary milestones. We add theme-based weeks such as art camp, Vacation Bible School, and cooking camp to our fun summer activities. Each program is designed for a specific age group, where they will experience activities designed around them and our values. Fun fact: We have water play day on our playground every Friday during the summer months of June, July, and August!

* For preschoolers ages three to five, please provide a backpack, two sets of extra outfits, a pair of extra shoes, a water bottle, and headphones.